Rainbow Calcite  Sphere
Rainbow Calcite Sphere

Aztec Calcite 1

Crystals of the Earth
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Aztec CalciteĀ 

šŸŒŗAztec CalciteĀ  will help you adjust your thinking in order for you to gain clarity and focus on positive attributes.

Aztec CalciteĀ  a wonderful stone to aid you in emotion healing and spiritual growth. It will aid youĀ  with memory and stimulates the flow of energy within the cells.

šŸŒŗThese Ā are powerful crystals toĀ remove negativity, both from the environment and from the body. Calcite connects with the emotions and has a positive effect and aids in becoming more energetic

šŸŒŗ Aztec Calcite helps to alleviates emotional stress and will bring calm.