Titanium Aura Tumbles
Titanium Aura Tumbles

Titanium Aura Tumbles Large

Crystals of the Earth
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Titanium Aura Crystals Enhances your Personal Power and will aid you in Situations that will help you to navigate life with ease.

Titanium Aura  Crystals will Enhance your Aura and Charge your Chakras, and Restore  Peace, Balance and harmony into your life.

Titanium Aura Crystals are the perfect crystal to aid you in Meditation, it will guide you to reach a deep meditative state, to experience a higher Spiritual Awareness. 

Titanium Aura is a crystal that contains  Titanium that is Bonded to the surface after undergoing a Special process of Heating and Vacuuming💙💙💙

Written  by Mellissa Anne 

Crystals of the Earth 🖤