Selenite  Pyramid
Selenite  Pyramid
Selenite  Pyramid
Selenite  Pyramid

Selenite Pyramid

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Beautiful  Selenite  

4cm by 4cm 

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Selenite will connect you to the Angelic Realm and will Aid you with Communicating with Angels .It is known as a Stone of Spiritual Purity and Light, selenite crystal is often times referred to as “liquid light”. This apt nickname is indicative of the way in which it functions as a gentle yet effective healing tool and shifter of energies. In clearing out stagnant and heavy energies, selenite allows for a flow of energy – new and joyous energy – that is liquid-like. 

There are many ways in which you can go about cleansing and recharging your selenite stone. The most popular method of doing so would be to use a smudge stick and encircle the selenite in its smoke. You may choose to employ the balancing sounds of a singing bowl or a bell. The frequencies emitted by these sacred instruments of sound can effectively recharge any crystal. The light of the sun as well as the full moon or a bowl of dry salt will do an equally good job of cleansing your crystals. 

Selenite gets its Name from the Moon Goddess Selene, So is a great Stone to help balance out all those crazy energies of a full moon

Selenite is most famous for cleansing the energys of all other crystsls and Is the only Crystal that dosent need Charging Thus making it A must have Crystal in any Collection 💙💙💙




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