Rose Quartz Heart 22
Rose Quartz Heart 22

Rose Quartz Heart 22

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Heart-shaped crystals are not naturally occurring; they’re cut and polished into this shape, but they still radiate a strong love energy.  Meditate with a heart-shaped crystal to activate your heart chakra. “Focus your energy and attention on your heart and imagine filling your heart with pure loving light,”  “Imagine the light fills your heart and weaves in and out clearing any old wounds and traumas and bringing healing and peace into the heart and body.”

Rose Quartz is by far the most sort out and purchased stone in the world.
It has the ability to mend a broken heart from the loss of a loved one to a breakup in marriage. Rose Quartz also helps heal old wounds from the past.It is known  universally as the "Love Stone" 💕
Rose Quartz will help you to promote self-love and Confidence.
It is a must in any Collection. 
Deities Connected with Rose Quartz are Aphrodite, Freyja, Aine, Ziva, Hathor, Venus.
Rose Quartz is connected to the Heart Chakra.
Keywords for Rose Quartz are 
Self Love 
Unconditional love