Protection Spell Bottle

Protection Spell Bottle

Crystals of the Earth
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The Protection Spell Bottle contains flowers and herbs that are choosen specifically for their unique vibes and metaphysical properties and symbolism of protection.

Protection Bottle contents and metaphysical properties :
 Marigold - renewal, protection, success

Orange- Protection, Weath

Rose - good luck, avoid conflict
Black Salt-


Black Onyx

How to Use a Spell Bottle :
Everything has energy and The Universe listens to all of us. While holding your spell bottle speak your desires and expectations of protection, whether it be in the earthly, spiritual, or emotional sense.
Whatever your intention is, be clear and unwavering when sending it out into the universe, and keep your bottle somewhere that energy flows well. Your spell may be repeated as often as you like.

While I wholeheartedly believe in the metaphysical healing powers of Mother Nature, we do not and cannot guarantee any specific results with use of this product