Dragon Blood Jasper Tumbles
Dragon Blood Jasper Tumbles

Dragon Blood Jasper Tumbles

Crystals of the Earth
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Price is for one tumbled stone

Approx 2 cm 

Dragon Stone Jasper  Is found only in WA Australia  Lore From The Dreamtime say that The Stone is  the remains of ancient  Dragon The Red Represents the Blood of the Dragon  And The Green Its Skin 

Dragons blood  Jasper will activate the chakras and promotes creativity at all levels. It will assist you with personal healing, aiding past and present life issues blocking emotional maturity and responsiveness. This stone helps you to “ride” the dragon energies associated with the mastery of life.

Dragons blood Jasper will tame your inner dragon. It will help you to establish balance and have the courage to overcome obstacles so you can achieve your goals by enhancing your Chi. Dragonblood is protective and casts a wide defensive barrier. 

This stone is especially appealing to children. Dragonblood helps them to connect to mythical creatures and the magical energy of the world around them. It also helps them believe the truth in their heart, no matter what the world may tell them. 

Dragon Stone is known as a stone of Strength and  Courage The perfect Stone to carry to help you with Direction in life.It is also known as a Stone of Wisdom Connecting you to Your Dragon Power Insight and Knowledge 💙💙💙

Dragon Blood Jasper is comprised of green Epidote and red Piemonte.

Zodiac  Leo

Chakra  Heart  

Element  Air 

Written By Mellissa Ann 

                  Crystals of the Earth💙💙💙