Crystal Chips Mixed
Crystal Chips Mixed

Crystal Chips Mixed

Crystals of the Earth
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This lot features a magical mix of gemstones of gorgeous colour and variety. In this mix, You may find Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Agate, Sodalite and many more that every crystal lover is sure to appreciate.

These chips are genuine crystals that have been polished and tumbled. They are a good small size that would be perfect to keep in a bowl as decoration in your home or spiritual/meditation space. You could also use other gemstones and make your own unique mix. These chips would also be suitable for craft projects, jewellery making or place in a small bag and carry them with you on your journeys.

- Our mixed crystal chips are excellent quality
- Lots of variety and vibrant colours
- Stones are undrilled, with no holes
- They measure on average between 5-10mm (roughly)