Celestite  Cave
Celestite  Cave
Celestite  Cave
Celestite  Cave

Celestite Cave

Crystals of the Earth
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Celestite is widely known  for its Powerful Metaphysical Properties,it will help you to Develop the Gift of Prophecy and many other  Psychic gifts.
Placed on your Third eye Celestite will help you to connect to the highest  spiritual realms, and greater connection with higher Beings.
Celestite will  also aid in unlocking your  Higher chakras,  including the eighth chakra.
A Cluster of this Gorgeous Stone is a must in any home.It is the Perfect Crystal for the Emotional State of being as its calming and uplifting vibrations  help to give mental clarity and Sharpen your mind 
In the Workplace Celestite will help alleviate  Stress and Anxiety💙💙💙

Written  By Mellissa Ann 

               Crystals  of the Earth 💙