Carnelian Heart #12
Carnelian Heart #12

Carnelian Heart #12

Crystals of the Earth
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Beautiful Carnelian Crystal 

Carnelian Is The Stone of  Creativity, It will aid you in all Creative Pursuits Like Art, Drama, Poetry,music  ect🧡

Carnelian will also help support Your Career Path from interviews to Promotions🧡

Carnelian is widely known as The stone of Courage Action and Power, Giving you the Confidance to move forward  in life

🌟Chakra        Sacral

🌟Deitys          Isis Athena  Nike Inanna

🌟Element       Fire

🌟Sabbath       Samhain

🌟Planet          Sun

🌟Tarot             Justice 

🌟Zodiac           Leo Virgo

   🧡🧡Written   by Mellissa Anne 🧡🧡

           🧡 Crystals of the Earth🧡