Tanzine Aura Quartz, Aura crystals, healing crystals,online crystals,
Tanzine Aura Quartz, Aura crystals, healing crystals,online crystals

Aura Cluster #10

Crystals of the Earth
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This Tanzine Aura Cluster is so Beautiful  a must for your Collection.

Tanzine Aura Quartz - Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Indium, sometimes with additional Niobium; forms as blue, indigo and purple crystals with a soft, metallic sheen; also called Azure Aura, Celestial Aura, and sometimes mistakenly “Tanzanite” Aura. It is, at times, referred to as Indigo Aura, though Indigo Aura is enhanced with Gold and Iridium. Tanzine Aura facilitates multi-dimensional balance and profound spiritual interconnection, believed to bring connection with Raziel, the Archangel of mysteries and esoteric knowledge. It opens and aligns the Soul Star and highest Crown Chakras, drawing cosmic energy into the physical body and to Earth. It is excellent for meditation, and enkindles a centered “no-mind” state that enhances sensual enjoyment of the world.