Amonzite, Palmstone,Online crystals, healing crystals
Amonzite, Palmstone,Online crystals, healing crystals

Amazonite Palm Stone,2

Crystals of the Earth
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 Amazonite Palm 

Beautiful Amazonite is a amazing Crystal that will help to clear away negative thoughts, and will increase Your Confidance and Self-esteem 

Amazonite will help you to focus on Achieving all of your dreams and ambitions 

Amazonite is Also known as the Stone of success and Abundance

Chakra .....Heart


Goddesses.... Diana, Estsanatlehi

Amazonite is often called the Stone of truth and Courage its Calming colour and energy
will help you to Soothe emotional trauma taking away all worry and fear.
Amazonite will also help to protect you from over stimulation and can be highly supportive for over senstive Adults and Children, It will also help protect you from harmful EMF Radiation. Perfect stone to have next to your computer along side Shungite