About Us


I have been the owner of  Crystals of the Earth since January 2017 We have had a few Name changes over the Years But Crystals of the Earth Is here to stay

I live with my family and assorted animal companions - Cats, and Chickens. Animal lover for sure, I am also an artist and a healer.

I became interested in healing stones when I first became Learned Reiki Back in 2000. I was Amazed with the beauty and qualities of the stones. As my interest and personal collection of crystals and stones grew, and grew, and grew, I decided to share them with friends, family, and my clients. I began purchasing stones and studying the healing properties of each stone. I wanted to provide unique, rare and hard to find items, as they were the most intriguing in shape, and have such radiant colours, extraordinary energy and healing properties. I also LOVE really "cool" and "pretty" crystals with amazing backstories connecting people together. Magical stories and synchronicity stones.

I personally select crystals for their beauty, healing attributes, uniqueness and one of a kind, collectible qualities.  I consciously seek crystal suppliers who source and care for the crystals as I do - with love and respect for our Earth mother, Gaia and the energies of the mineral and crystal realm. Many hours go into the search for such exotic specimens - i.e. crystal road trip experiences, random conversations, and divinely guided internet wanderings :)