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Orthoceras are an extinct marine cephalopod that ranged in size from a few inches to over five feet. An ancestor of the squid, their name means “straight horn” reflecting their long, conical shells. Orthocera fossils are from the Silurian Age & are 400 million years old.

Orthoceras Meaning


 Long used as a talisman for protection & long life, Orthocera fossils are excellent healing stones to help you move from the old to the new & be open to change. Other metaphysical healing meanings of Orthocera fossils include:

  • activates & heals your Root Chakra
  • grounding & balancing
  • enhances your spiritual energies
  • reduces stress & anxiety
  • stabilizes & balances your emotions
  • helps with depression & lifts moods
  • stimulates your mind
  • enhances telepathy
  • brings luck, prosperity &business success
  • helps you in your quest for transition, transformation & personal growth
  • motivates you to strive for quality & excellence in life
  • helps you to access & heal past life issues & overcome fears related to them
  • helps you to understand change
  • reminds you that there is always hope
  • strengthens your abilities & desires
  • increases your confidence
  • helps you to be open & innovative
  • stimulates your life force energy
  • relieves tiredness & exhaustion
  • energizes & increases your energy
  • reduce toxins
  • helps with stomach & digestive disorders, dyspepsia, rheumatism


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