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  1. Chytha is a random act of kindness stone. It teaches generosity of heart and spirit. The energy encourages us to treat each other with kindness. To give and share from the heart and experience the joy in our soul.

Chytha connects the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras. By grounding the heart with the emotions of the solar plexus, there is a stability between the two. For those who often only lead with their heart or lead with their emotions, this is the perfect piece to work with to find balance.

For someone that feels a need for control in their daily life, work with Chytha to become more spontaneous and adventurous. Often control is a challenge to release. Baby steps or big giant leaps, you decide.

If you find yourself in a rut, Chytha can help you to be excited again, to find the joy you may have lost. Like Spring, Chytha brings about a rejuvenation, a fresh start, a new birth.

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Chytha is a tremendous gemstone to work with when you need to clear the toxic influences in your life and amplify positive power. All negative energies that surround your aura, 3 bodies and Chakras will dissolve and you will be provided a cleansing field of energy. Chytha is a lively and energetic gemstone that provides you confidence and strength on every level. This gemstone will invigorate your compassion and direct your mind towards enlightenment and wisdom. There is tremendous connection between your heart and your mind which strengthens your ability to understand others and realize your entire potential in your personal and paranormal paths.

Chytha is serpentine and green jade. This gemstone is a mixture of pale and dark hues of green.