Best Crystals For Anxiety

Celestite is one of my favorite crystals.  The reason I love this stone so much, is because it is great for stress and anxiety.this crystal is sent straight from the heavens. Celestite crystals will connect you with the Angelic realms.   If you’d like to connect with your guides and work with your angels, Celestite will help you access those realms. Unsurprisingly, Celestite has the ability to relieve stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviours. It is a beautiful piece to carry for those who are singers, actors, speakers or anyone anxious about a new experience as the energy will alleviate any type of stage fright, nervousness, fear of crowds and shyness. This Divine crystal brings harmony and balance and will assist you in finding and maintaining the inner peace you so desperately deserve.

The same qualities that make the Celestite crystal stone such a powerful sleep aid also give it a calming effect that helps with managing stress, anxiety and over lower vibrations. The Celestite crystal meaning cools off fiery emotions and reassures you so you can find your center and come back to your breath. Not only does it help you reach a calm state of being, but it also clears away any remaining negative energy. When your mind is running a million miles an hour or anxiety is taking control, use this stone to raise your vibration and connect with a higher frequency to rise above unwanted energy and lower vibrations.